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Improve your productivity in linux with these little tricks

January 7, 2010 Leave a comment

your productivity in linux can multiplied with these simple tricks that most new users do not even know of its existence.Some of those lesser known tricks are given here:

  • All linux distributions support an extra method of copy/paste by using the middle(scroll) button of your mouse.One drawback of this method is that it only supports copying text.You can use this method by selecting the text you want to copy and by middle clicking where you want it to be pasted.The text can be pasted as many timesĀ  as long as the original text remains selected.This method would be helpful if you want to paste the same text multiple times and could be more useful inside the terminal.For example,when you look for solutions to your problem about linux most of them deals with command line, you could just select the commands given and middle click in the terminal.The text can also be copied using ctrl+c and can be paste by clicking the scroll button in your mouse.
  • The nautilus file browser can be opened from the desktop by simply pressing “/” (forward slash) key and pressing the enter key.You can also type the path of the folder where the nautilus should be opened.For example to browse /etc folder just press / and type etc,the nautilus will open the etc folder for you.
  • Desktop background can be set in linux distributions using gnome desktops such as ubuntu by dragging and dropping the picture in the desktop with the middle mouse button and selecting set as background from the menu that appears.
  • Instead of typing the entire path of the file in the terminal window you could just drag and drop the file into the terminal window and the terminal will complete the path name of the file for you.
  • TAB key can be used inside the terminal for auto completion of commands.For example to open Firefox from terminal, type fir and press TAB key the terminal will auto complete the remaining for you,this applies to pathnames and filenames.If there is more than one match for what you typed in the terminal, the TAB key displays nothing and when you press the TAB key again it displays a list of possible matches for what you have typed.

Hope this would be useful for most new users out there.If there is something other you want to know just let me know in the comments.