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Big day for the citizens of India today

July 19, 2017 Leave a comment

Supreme courtof India the highest court of the country has tasked a nine judge bench to decide whether the fundamental right to privacy is guaranteed under the constitution of India.

This is a key case as the central government of India is forcing on its citizens a surveillance scheme known as Aadhaar under various dubious benefits by using the cloak of Aadhaar act, the constitutional validity of which is still debatable. Government has chosen to push Aadhaar full swing and had made it mandatory for various government schemes even as the supreme court had made clear that nobody can be denied benefits just because they do not have Aaadhar that is until the court decides one way or other. But in a blatant disregard for the supreme court’s earlier judgement govt choose to make it mandatory by using corporate media houses to push its agenda.

Earlier the Attorney general of India Mukhul Rohatgi representing centre in a related Aadhaar case has argued before the same court that no citizen has fundamental right to privacy. what is even more appalling is that no citizen has right to sue the govt for its miuse of Aadhaar and the country has no privacy and data security laws. The supreme court has finally decided to hear on the Aadhaar case after long delay of nearly 2 years when it gave it’s initial judgement. Today’s case will closely watched as the fundamental right to privacy of every citizen is at stake.

I sincerely hope this case gets the coverage it deserves as the country’s press and media has taken over by the people in power to brainwash the people by repeated push of its propaganda and using its various constitutional arms to silence any dissent. India has never seen such a totalitarian government since the constitution’s formation after its independence and the country’s people are kept divided using clever religious divide and rule politics and swaying the emotions of the young and vulnerable in its favour using its dedicated IT wing which cleverly plants fake news at the right time doing its damage before truth could surface.

People of India has to unite and reject any propaganda claims, think rationally, question everything, use common sense and not let emotion take over. As the world’s biggest democracy needs its people to be informed to have a functioning democracy where the fundamental right to privacy and security is a core value.

Reset the Net : Don’t ask for your privacy, Take it back

June 1, 2014 1 comment

The day of action for privacy and freedom is on June 5th and is less than a week away. Join Reset the Net and pledge to take actions to protect your privacy.

Why Reset the Net?

NSA and Governments around the world has taken the Internet and turned it into a surveillance state. So let’s make it harder for NSA and anyone who want to spy on us. Our, best defense right now is to encrypt everything.

Here is a short video explaining everything.

Why June 5th?

June 5th, 2014 marks one year since the NSA’s classified documents about mass surveillance came to light. Thanks to Edward Snowden, British daily The guardian published this story last year. Here is a link to the original story published. Since then a lot of revelations have been made and more is yet to come as promised by Mr. Snowden.

Fight for your Privacy


On 6/5, 65 Things We Know About NSA Surveillance That We Didn’t Know a Year Ago –  By EFF