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Ubuntu releases operating system for mobiles

January 3, 2013 Leave a comment

Ubuntu for mobile project  is announced by Canonical earlier today, delivering the last step in their intention to have one operating system for all range of devices.Canonical the parent company of ubuntu have their OS already available for desktops/laptops, servers, tablets and for TVs.This launch would bring ubuntu for mobile devices covering whole range of platforms.

Last year, Canonical announced ubuntu for android where Ubuntu would coexist with android on smartphones. We are yet to see any android phone manufactureres releasing smartphones with Ubuntu for android.Although I consider that project a not so successful one, I hope this would become a success story for ubuntu. This comes in as a direct competition to Firefox OS and Tizen and to some extent to android because it has the potential to be more powerful and efficient than android.Although android runs on linux kernel its java implementation will never equal the performance of native C code, as evident by the comparing the specs of top level android smartphones with the Apple’s latest iphone(iphone 5), which uses objective C with both having more are less equal performance inspite of its lower specs.Both Firefox OS and Tizen are touted as being the OS for web apps. Ubuntu mobile OS should able to run both web apps and mobile apps along with possibility of running native desktop applications as it is a full blown desktop operating system with mobile interface and will run in desktop mode when docked.Ubuntu did a great job of converging the all platforms and it is one operating system which could really bring what is called as a superphone.