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want to play media without restrictions?use free media formats

December 1, 2008 Leave a comment

These days everything you use is copyrighted, and either you have to pay them or get permission the copyrighted owners to use any of their products and you have to accept the license agreement by which you state that you will not share theĀ  product obtained from with somebody else,you agree to not to modify it and use it as you wish,you agree to use the product only as stated in the license terms and many more restrictions.This even applies to hardware you buy, with some modified restrictions or else you will lose your warranty.

Take another example you buy a media player and it supports only the companies own protected media formats and as the format is a closed one and the specification is not openly available and only the company and others who are licensed to provide support can develop software for it and you have to pay them and agree their license terms to use the software,this is an evil and these days a new evil has emerged in the name of DRM(Digital Rights Management),it attempts to control use of media by preventing access,converting to other formats and copying by users,want to know more about this evil visit your say against DRM.visit

why live in this restricted world,there is also an other face of this world which is restriction free.use only free media formats and encourage others to use them,by using software or media under GPL and other compatible licenses use or free to copy,share,modify and redistribute it to others and you dont have to ask anybody as there is no owner or everybody is the owner.use only softwares that respect your freedom.

By using free media you don’t have any compromise on quality,free softwares are technically best than their proprietary counterparts and free media formats such as ogg can compress to smaller size than mp3 of same quality or can sound better for same size.

The world should be free to everyone,and no one should have control over it.Sharing is our right and no one should take this right away from could change the world by changing yourself.Help make this world a better place to live. visit and support freedom.
Link to the Spread Open Media project

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