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stumbled across a new bug with notifications in cinnamon desktop

March 30, 2013 Leave a comment

When applications are running in full screen, notifications does not appear in cinnamon desktop. When running applications in full screen like watching a movie in media player, viewing firefox in full screen and if there is any notification bubbles appearing it doesn’t show up. It only appears below the full screen application. Whatever be the criticality of the notification it doesn’t appear. This could lead to many problems like not getting to know when the battery is getting low, when disconnected from a network etc.

Ideally notifications should appear on top of whatever application the user is running, but this is not the case.

This bug could be reproduced by running the command notify-send in terminal as given below,

sleep 10 ; notify-send hi

and run an application in full screen and wait for 10 secs and check whether ‘hi’ appears. If it doesn’t appear, you are affected by this bug.

I have reported this bug in launchpad linux mint page here:

If you can reproduce this go and subscribe to this bug by clicking ‘Yes,this bug affect me’  in the bug page.

Is Ubuntu damaging my laptop hard drive?

July 5, 2010 10 comments

I have been using ubuntu since 6.06 and loving it. I recently bought a new laptop and have discovered a problem it and ubuntu. It has a Western digital 320GB hard drive model: WB3200BEVT-22ZCT0 and ubuntu causes the drive temperature to increase to dangerously high levels while plugged in and while in battery the load_cycle_count seems to increase drastically. This is an old problem and have reported to been fixed but it’s not at least with this WD hard drives. I have used Ubuntu 9.04 , 9.10 and 10.04 in this laptop and all seems to have the problem.

While the laptop is plugged in the temperature of  drive seems to steadily rise to 54 °C  even while the system is at idle and the load_cycle_count increase is fairly normal and while working on battery the temperature of drive steadily returns to normal around 44 °C and there is a high increase of load_cycle_count values. According to the drive manufacturer’s website the maximum temperature of the drive while operating is 60 °C in ubuntu it comes pretty close to that.

I dual-boot ubuntu with windows vista that came with my laptop. While in vista my hard drive is perfectly fine both while on AC and on battery. While in idle or with minimum drive usage the drive average temperature is around 45-47 °C and load_cycle_count increase is normal. This is the case for both on AC and on battery.

I have reported a bug about this in launchpad bug #52195. Several others have reported about this problem like in bug #399978 and the bug itself has a number of duplicates, all relating to WD hard drives and also asked if anyone experience the same problem in ubuntu forums and it seems clearly I’m not the only one facing this issue. There hasn’t been any activity in bugs reported and hence this post to get some developer attention and sincerely hoping that this issue would probably sorted out in the next edition of ubuntu, the Maverick Meerkat.

Update: This has not been solved yet and have tried various other debian based distributions and it seems to be present in all those distributions i tried till now.
Update: Finally my hard drive’s life has come to an end after three years as the drive’s SMART has started reporting failure warning. But i have a backup of all the data in my drive in case it fails today or tomorrow or maybe later. Heck, who cares i still use GNU/Linux(Linux Mint) as my main operating system.