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Power management issue with Linux desktops

March 15, 2013 2 comments

Power management in Linux mint desktop does not kick in when the system is booted upon, it only starts up when the cinnamon desktop is logged into. This should not be the case because when the system is powered up and left untouched, the brightness settings does not work, battery management settings doesn’t work. When this is the case battery gets drained completely.

By default in power manager settings, system is configured to take critical battery action only when 2 minutes of power is remaining. Thus most people wouldn’t have noticed the seriousness of this problem. I configured my system to take critical battery action when battery is at 25 % by modifying the dconf-editor settings and confirming this is the case.

I have reported a bug to Linux mint in launchpad here

If you are facing this bug, please add a comment against this bug.

I’m afraid this is how gnome3 desktop behaves too. This must affect all the linux distributions using cinnamon and gnome3 desktop. At this moment i have no idea what are all the distributions affected. If your version of linux is affected, please report it to your distributions authors at the appropriate place.

I guess this is more of a design error than of a bug

conserve battery in gnome when the system is idle with a little tweak

October 5, 2009 2 comments

I recently bought a new lenovo laptop and decided to install Linux mint 7 on it along with vista.Every thing worked fine by default.I started tweaking the system so that i could achieve longer battery life,and i wanted to post my experiences ,thus this post.This should work well for all gnome desktops.At first i couldn’t change the time when the display goes to sleep when idle,to less than 11 minutes as you can see below:

by default

by default

But this can changed easily by changing the idle time in gnome screen saver preferences,just open screensaver from system->preferences menu.

by default

by default

change the “Regard the computer as idle after:” slider from 10 minutes to your liking,i changed it to 1 minute as below:

changed to 1 minute.

changed to 1 minute.

now computer is regarded as idle after 1 minute and open power management preferences ,now you can reduce the “put display to sleep when inactive for:” slider to upto 2 minutes.As display is the major power consumer in the laptop you can put it to sleep quicker to save more power,when ever you are away.

after editing

slider can now be reduced upto 2 minutes

For more power management options install and run powertop application and it will suggest some options to further reduce power consumption and you can also identify which applications often wake the cpu from idle,also note that it will be useful only when you have an intelĀ® cpu.For further information on power conservation in linux visit