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Shiny new Raspberry B+

November 18, 2014 Leave a comment

I gifted myself a Raspberry pi B+ for my birthday and it arrived in a beautiful package.I would like to thank Raspberry Pi foundation for having created such a wonderful device. If haven’t heard about what Raspberry pi is, head over to the foundation’s website

Raspberry pi b+ image

Raspberry pi b+ image

Installed raspbian operating system and started playing with it. For now, using it only in a headless configuration, not yet played with its video or audio capabilities.

Always wanted to do some closer to metal programming and control some real hardware. Started learning some bare metal programming with Baking Pi course from University of Cambridge,UK.

I found the raspberry pi forum a useful place to get help and learn what interesting stuff other people is doing with it.

Also, the ARM assembly tutorial series from is an interesting stuff to learn about ARM assembly and has about 21 chapters about various concepts of assembly programming.

I found interesting the following projects done using raspberry pi,

A supercomputer built using a cluster of raspberry pi’s

The FishPi project, to send an autonomous vessel controlled using a raspberry pi to cross the Atlantic unaided.

And many more projects like building a quad-copter,FM transmitter using raspberry pi etc.

I wish I could do something more interesting and creative as these people. Anyways, it’s great to be a part of the community containing all these awesome people.

I welcome myself to the world of Raspberry pi 🙂